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Welcome to Virtual Skogg

Hi, I'm Michael Skogg creator of Virtual Skogg. As an aging athlete with a past riddled with injuries, I was compelled to design a workout program that allowed me to continue doing the activities I love. This program is Virtual Skogg. My background is neuromuscular therapy and corrective exercise, which gives me a different approach to getting fit...from the inside out. My belief is always...technique first, strength will follow...and this is done at your pace with my guidance and motivation. Virtual Skogg brings me into your living room, hotel room, and office space as your personal trainer, ensuring your workouts are safe and effective. Give Virtual Skogg a try and you will discover the meaning of our tag line "YOU, ONLY STRONGER".

Never get bored with over 100 workouts!

With a wide variety of workouts you'll never get bored. Michael will lead you through innovative workouts in the following categories:

Kettlebell - Body Weight - Animal Flow - Suspension Training - Cardio Kickboxing - Yoga


Workout in the safety and convenience of your own home, office or hotel room.


Build strength, power and conditioning.


Whether you're a novice or a seasoned athlete, this is for you!

Get your workout in at home, office, or hotel with videos that can be streamed or downloaded. Browse, search and save your favorite Virtual Skogg videos. Members are invited to join on our online Facebook community (@virtualskogg) to communicate with Michael and inspire each other. Works on iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV and Fire TV, also Chromecast & Airplay Friendly.

The Skogg Sixty-Day Challenge

This is not just another diet book. This is a roadmap to finding the healthiest, fittest you. In this book, you will find step by step instructions to changing your nutrition, exercise program, and mind-set for the ultimate body transformation available. The Skogg 60-Day challenge has hundreds of success stories worldwide and the only thing missing is yours!

"The best thing about the Skogg program is that it's safe, sound, and balanced: a nutrition plan to fit whatever your goals are, effective exercises, and strong support. If you put the effort in, you'll get the results. Whether you're a beginner or an athlete, you'll see big gains. Can't recommend it highly enough!"

Christine Cha MD

Check out The Skogg Sixty-Day Challenge here!

Join the world wide Virtual Skogg community!

Why Virtual Skogg? The diverse global community will tell you why. Join today to get in the best shape of your life and have fun doing it!

Virtual Skogg is the best online program out there, HANDS DOWN. SAFE Instructor led training for all fitness levels that gets results. If you put the work in and sweat and give it all you have, your results will show. Biggest no-brainer on planet earth.

Bonnie and Jeff Glueck, Tennessee, USA

Quite simply the most amazing kettlebell system around, from the Skogg system to Virtual Skogg, will blast fat increase cardio but above all easy to learn and fun.

Marc Joseph Crowley, United Kingdom

Blown away by the customer service from the team at Skogg... they went over and above my expectations to resolve something that others wouldn't have- very grateful for such an awesome program and great team. Just started back again on the system and can't remember why I even stopped in the first place!!! The best program going!

Melanie Wheatly, Australia

I’ve been training for over thirty years. Running, weight training, cardio of all kinds, Bowflex, P90, pump.... You name it, I’ve tried them all. Skogg is simply the best program out there period. I have the DVD’s and am also a member of the virtual site. Strength, power, endurance, flexibility, cardio, fat burning and CORE, CORE, CORE! Skogg has it all. I’m a 54 year old male and the biggest thing for me is NO MORE STIFFNESS! I have so much mobility now!

BJ Harris, California, USA


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14 day free trial, $14.99 USD monthly thereafter

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